About us

PALRAY LTD is a private company established in the year 1965 and based in Dar Es Salaam with Certificate Of Incorporation No 3583 issued on 6th Of April 1965.
As a factory nature of work

• Furniture steel and wood manufacturer.
• General engineering.
• Saw Milling.
• Importation of various furniture.

The primary core activities of the company are into making Office, School and Hospital Furniture of metal and wooden furniture.

M/s PALRAY Limited is spread over five acres of land with well established Plant and Machinery to cater for the manufacturing activities, centrally located in Mini Industrial Area in Dar es Salaam.

Palray Brand identity in the market is known as “PALRAY” and is considered to have high quality products which are strong, durable and lasting long.

Palray Limited is a company which has won various awards in different categories of furniture over the time period since it was established.

With the introduction of the liberalized market policy in Tanzania in the year 1985 , initially the company had severe problems in marketing the products as Imported products penetrated the market with cheap products , but over the time consumers have realized the impact of the sub standard products which are being imported and available were not strong, durable and have reverted back to local made furniture were by Palray Limited again is able to create demand for its products throughout Tanzania .

The cliental base of the company is both Government agencies, and private sector.

With reform programmer initiated in collaboration with World Bank in the year 1995 and the allocation of major chunk of the Government budget towards reforming Health Sector and Education Sector, Palray Limited over the time has won various Tenders for the supply of Office, Hospital and School Furniture.

The company‘s image in the context of Depth And Breadth where by Recall , Recognition , Purchase and Consume is of highly recognized due to the fact that Parlay’s Products are to be seen in all Institutions over the country since it’s inception in this field.

On the side of Brand Awareness whereby we seek Strong, Favorable and Unique in the context of Point of Parity (POP) And Point of Difference (POD), the company is suitably placed.

M/s Palray Limited has following Product Segmentation as briefed below:-

- Executive tables
- Office Chairs
- Filing Cabinets
- Steel Cupboards
- Storage Racks for Registry

- School Desks
- School Chairs
- Library Shelves
- Library Reading Tables
- Lecture Theatre Chairs

- Hospital Beds
- Cart Dressing Trolleys
- Hospital Ward Screens
- Operation Tables
- Stretcher trolleys
- Examination Tables

After Tanganyika attained Independence M/s Palray Limited was the first company to start manufacturing this kind of furniture and with the introduction of Socialism Policy, the company was virtually left alone in this kind of business which propelled the Management to manufacture and sell its products without any difficulty till the year 1985 when liberalization of trade took place.

Hence during this period that is prior to liberalization the company was able to promote various products which became a household name in Tanzania and it’s where it was able to Brand its name PALRAY and become famous for its products.

Although innovations took place with regular interval which leads to company survive the competition over the period.

Looking into aspect of brand awareness especially in the form of Uniqueness , the company is at sustainable competitive advantages with products being offered of high quality , strong and durable , and offer after sales services which combined with the marketing strategy has enables the company to sustain its competitive advantage over its competitors .

M/s Palray Limited Brand positioning based on the designing of the company’s offer and image that occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind created over the years is highly successful and is able to secure market of its products without any difficulty .

The forward strategy for the company to look for new markets and new customers is in the East African Markets under East Africa Community Pact which will eventually open free trade.
from the analysis of the Palray Limited one visualizes how the company’s management has over the period of time since its inception has focused its products in the market by creating a unique brand awareness by creating strategic competitive advantage over its competitors by manufacturing various furniture items in the range of Office, School and Hospital and response which it has from customers in preference for quality and durability and value for money.

Hence it can be mentioned without doubt that PALRAY as Brand name has both Depth and Breath of brand image and brand awareness in the customer’s mind when it comes to procurement of furniture in the country and the legacy of the company providing the product at right time, right place, right product for the right price all has contributed in creating a unique Brand Equity for the company.

This all is due the reason that Palray ‘s top management consists of highly specialized Engineers with a strong line of staff with well equipped tools which helps the company to master it’s line of products with regular innovations and also involves in designing products with new innovations from time to time to create corporate image campaigns by providing invaluable marketing and financial benefits by allowing the firm to express itself and embellish the meaning and associations for its individual products.

To maximize the probability of success, however, objectives of a corporate image campaign must be clearly defined and results must be carefully measured against these objectives. A number of different objectives are possible in a corporate brand image campaign are:-
• Build awareness of the company and nature of its business
• Create favorable attitudes and perceptions of the company credibility
• Link beliefs that can be leveraged by product- specific marketing
• Make a favorable impression on the financial community.
• Influence public opinion on issues

Which M/s Palray Limited has been successful in doing and the results are explicitly.

From Director’s desk